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Sage & Citrus Creme

Benefits - This light weight creme has special chosen ingredients to help condition and tone skin with the combination of active botanicals Saage, Watercress,and Lemon bioflavonoids to purify and revitalize the complexioon. The anti-oxidents Vitamin A C & E are also added in this formula to protect and improve the skin's elasticity.

Key Ingredients - Lemon Bioflavonoids to help balance oily skin
Watercress extract - High in Vitamin A
Sage extract - Valued for medicinal properties

Restorative Marine Moisturizer for all skin types

Appearance - White full body creme with essential oil scent of Bergamont oil

Use - Apply twice daily after cleansing skin. Soothes irritated and dehydrated skin due to sunburn, chemical peels, laser treatments and harsh environmental conditions. This excellent hydrating creme to be used after applying glycolic products for temporary dryness.

Benefits - This formula has a special bio-fermentation technology that is derived from red marine algae that is abundant along the shores of Hawaii. This innovation creates moisturization, reduction of fine surface lines, skin firmness and increases cell turnover. Our studies show: 20% increase in firmness within 4 weeks: 70% increase in moisture and hydration in 4 weeks. Reduces redness.

Key Ingredients -
Polypeptides - (Abufeltia concinna) naturally derived from red marine algae.

Sodium Hyaluronate - A known humectant and emollient with moisturizers. Lubricates and soothes skin without clogging pores.

Ginseng extract - used for revitalizing and conditioning skin

Rosehip extract - A rich source of Vitamin C and A,B, B2, E, K, and P

Ginko Biloba extract - Known for purifying and detoxifying properties.

Horse Chest nut extract - Added for its healing properties


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