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Benefits: This highly effective formula developed to help dehydrated and sun damaged skin. Rosemary, Goldenseal,and Balm of Gilead extracts are blended to revitalize and heal sluggish skin. Silk amino acids are added for a sensationally smooth feel. It also contains Ribonucleic Acid a protein to help build healthy skin.

Key Ingredients: Goldenseal - Known for its antiseptic and toning properties.
Balm of Gilead - Known for toning the skin
Silk Amino Acids - a very low molecular weight results in liquefying of silky amino acids for good penetration of skin cells.
Rosemary extract - for a pleasant aromatic and stimulating scent to refresh
Squaline - a naturally derived ingredient found in olives provides softness while replacing necessary oils.

Ribonucleic Acid - a basic building block of all living things. A protein that helps healthy skin cells.



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