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This highly multi-functional hydrating toner provides natural proteins to help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts effective in hydrating, and minerals that possess stimulating abilities that help in the skin's natural repair process. A high concentration of Ginseng Extract is added to this formula to revitalize and condition the skin. A slight flush will give the skin a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients:
Chamomile and Geranium - a blend of aroma therapy oils for a soothing blend of essential oils

Ginseng Extract - This extract is beneficial in this toner for revitalizing and conditioning the skin. Recommended as a cure for many human ills and a prolonger of life.

Witch Hazel - Skin freshener, astringent, tonic and cleansing properties

Hydrolyzed Collagen - helps to maintain elasticity. Forms a non-occlusive protective barrier that holds moisture in while letting the skin breathe.

Bee Pollen Extract - a natural resource of most known nutritional elements. Used as a healer of wounds and contains vitamins and minerals.

Sodium PCA (NaP CA) - a natural moisturizing component that softens the skin and helps it attract and retain moisture.

Hydrolyzed Muccopolysaccharides - a bio-active extract effective in hydrating and softening the skin. Present in living cells where they bind water and mineral salts.


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